Lyrics zu "Vengeance"


Once upon a sunless time evil warlords came,
They brought us death, brought us hate, engulfed us all in pain.
Fierce battle raged, my brothers fell, our dreadful Fate was sealed,
Deep is the sorrow as I see my burning land…

Goddess of war I call thee, mother of the sky
Oh, grant me revenge now, send me a sign
Make me the saviour, warlord of the tribes
Give me the power, to avenge my tribe with hate

On the shore his trail did end, the foe long way Behind.
The sunshine on the golden sand, now burning his weak Mind.
Waves were rising, winds blew cold, fear stroke his Strong heart:
Out of the sea came the princess of the dawn…

I have heard your calling, your sorrow and your Pain
I will grant you power, eternal glory and fame
Your axe be the anger, your sword shall sing and Slay
Cleanse the world of darkness, your enemies must Pay

The princess cursed her warrior, an angel of Revenge.
Her fury rooted in his heart, a warlord of the Tribes.
The battle raged for centuries, the bards will sing Their tale.
Through every valley the echoes will prevail…

I am the saviour, true warlord and true king
With power and with anger, hate and rage I'll Bring
My eternal kingdom, endless fields of gold
I am the messiah, your prophecies foretold

© by Ibn Ghalad